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Writer's Block: Spellbound
If you could get your hands on a talent duplicator machine, whose talents would you want, and why?
Demi Lovato's, cause I love making music and I love singing... Hey! How are you?

Writer's Block: Bon appétit!
What is your idea of the perfect meal, including appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink?

Sheep cheese with a mix of spices, crab soup, grilled meat with agaric, vegetables, roasted tomatoes and baked potatoes, red wine and a chocolate cake. Hey! How are you?

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Weird role model. Hey! How are you?

Writer's Block: From beyond
If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?
My secondary grammar school chemistry teacher's flat. I hated her and she hated me. How are you?

Writer's Block: Apocalypse now?
It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?
With my family and friends. How are you?

Writer's Block: Avast, me hearties!
If you were a pirate, where would your hideout be and what would it look like?
Somewhere between the trees. Some inconspicious wooden shelter. How are you?

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam
What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

'I hate teachers, I hate school, I hate the cheerleaders and anyone who's cool' from Cool to Hate by The Offspring. It used to be my motto back then when I was at elementary school :) How are you?

Writer's Block: Collect 'em all
Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?
I collect car models, my brother made me start the collection. I've got 47 pieces now. How are you?

Writer's Block: Merlin revisited
If you were granted unlimited magic powers for just five minutes, what would you do?

Bring my dead mom back to life. How are you?

Writer's Block: You've got the look
Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police? Do you wear it in public?
A Yogi Bear T-shirt. And no, I'm only wearing it at home. How are you?